Handling Frees & Bonus Schedule - Effective January 01, 2024

Base Handling fee - $125.00 + board & expenses
Ringside Pickup - $145.00
Best of Breed & Group Handling Fee (additional fee on top of base handling fee) - $40.00

Breed Specialty Show
$200 Class Dog/Champion
$220 Ringside Pick-up
$100 Sweepstakes (Puppy & Veteran)

Group Specialty Show
$170 Class Dog/Champion
$200 Ringside Pick-up
$100 Sweepstakes (Puppy & Veteran)

Westminster/National Specialty - Contact for pricing

$200 Class Dog/Champion
$250 Ringside Pick-Up

$750 - Best In Show
$150 - Group 1
$100 Group 2
$75- Group 3
$75 - Group 4
$50 - Specialty WB/WB/BOW
$100 - Best in Specialty
$100 - New Champion

Westminster, Eukanuba, National Specialties, Group Shows, or shows with an exlusive dog(s) will be quoted rates for handling and expenses on an individual basis.


1. The handler will exercise due care and precautions, but will not be responsible for escape, self-inflicted damage, theft, injury inflicted by other animals, illness, lose or any unavoidable occurrences.

2. All dogs will be shown personally, except under circumstances beyond the handler's control, at which time it is understood that another competent hander of the handler's choosing will replace the handler.

3. All expenses with respect to handling fees, bonuses, traveling expenses, entries, shipping fees, veterinary care, medications, or special diets are the owner's responsibility.

4. All dogs are to be up to date on all vaccinations, including rabies.

5. All cash awards will be retained by the handler.

6. All fees must be paid in full before the dog in released to the owner. A 10% interest rate will be added to bills not paid after 30 days of the statement date.

7. A $25 charge will be assessed for all NSF Checks and client will be put on a Cash only basis.

8. Clients canceling bookings after the closing date of a show are responsible for the handling fee.

9. Once show is closed, owner is responsible for handling fee if dog is absent for any reason that is not approved by the handler.

10. Dogs only needing majors who are entered at a show that does not draw a major and do not show are responsible for half a handling fee.

11. If a show is cancelled for any circumstance, the owner is responsible for half a handling fee.

12. If the handler determines the dog needs additional training and/or socializing on the day the dog is entered, the handler may decide to pull the dog at their discretion. The handling fee will be applied in exchange for training/socializing at the show.


Additional Charges

Board and Conditioning - $20.00 per day (does not include monthly preventatives)

Bitches in season - $25.00 per day for duration of heat cycle

Dog needing show training - $25.00 per day until dog is succeeding enough to be ring ready

All expenses including gas, hotel, travel, etc. will be split evenly by all traveling clientele using my services for any given show. Each traveling client will be charged .15 per mile traveled that weekend.

Specials Dogs

A flat rate will be charged for clients interested in campaigning a dog as a special either for top ranking or their Grand Championship. This will cover food, board, expenses and handling fees. Please email me for a quote.

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