I have known Sarah Crepeau for the past year, and I cannot say enough good about her! There are special people we encounter in life that make a huge difference to others. That's the way I have come to know Sarah. Our first meeting was in the midst of a crisis. My daughter, four dogs and I were at shows in West Springfield, MA, and we had a terrible mishap. It had been a cold morning, and we had decided to leave some of the dogs in our truck (open). When my daughter went back to the truck later to get a forgotten item, she thought that the dogs were probably cold and closed the hatch. In the midst of the chaos of running between rings and showing dogs inside, I either did not know or did not pay attention if she told me. The result was that our dogs were becoming dangerously ill. About an hour later, when I was done with showing GSPs for the day, I returned to the truck while chatting with a friend to find the truck closed. I ran over, immediately opened it, and found one of my dogs overheated. The other dog, my oldest boy "Emmett" was unresponsive. He had heat stroke and was on death's doorstep. We grabbed their crates and immediately got them out of the hot vehicle. I called others to help and we managed to lift the 70 pound GSP out of the crate onto the asphalt. We began to cool him down as quickly as we could with water, and others came to help with ice packs cooling blankets, and prayers. Several people helped me carry him inside the Big E and a vet tech immediately gave him sub-cutaneous fluids. That was not enough to bring him around. This is when we met Sarah, who like an angel, immediately answered my prayer for help. This young woman, whom I did not know, told me she was from a neighboring town and that there was an emergency animal hospital less than ten minutes away. She offered to drive me there in my truck so I could continue to cool my dog on the ride. Within minutes, we had the dog in the back, Sarah at the wheel, and cool compresses and ice packs to go. I worked on the dog and she took care of the driving. She drove quickly but safely through the streets of Springfield, reassuring me the whole way that he'd be ok. I did not see life in his eyes. As we drove she called the hospital so that they were ready for us. When we arrived the team moved him inside on a gurney, immediately. He was still unresponsive. Sarah stayed with me for a while and left me telephone numbers to reach her at for anything. She went back to the Big E and checked on my daughter, who had stayed with our other dogs under the supervision of friends. After a bit more fluid, I heard a sound I've never heard before--that of a dog waking up from unconsciousness, disoriented, and in shock. They allowed me to see him, and sit with him for a few minutes. At that point, he was too weak to stand, but he wagged his tail when he saw me. My Emmett would survive the immediate threat, but we did not know how things would go. A few hours later, my Emmett had enough fluid and rest to walk out of the emergency animal hospital on his own steam. That would not have happened without the help of many, but most especially, without Sarah's kindness and generosity to a stranger in distress.People have asked me about Sarah's character, and this is really all I can say. What she has already shown me in the brief year that we've been friends, is that I can trust her with what I hold dear...with my dogs, my child, and with my friendship. She is a woman of integrity and honesty, who understands what "Do unto others" really means. I could not recommend someone more highly, or be more convinced that she'd always do what is best for someone's dog. She's just that kind of person. On another note, the past year has given me many opportunities to watch Sarah work as a handler. She has expert skill, and maintains that same kindness and integrity in a not-so-friendly arena. As an owner-handler, I do not usually send my dogs off with others to shows, but when I do, Sarah is among the few that I would trust to care for them as I would, and to show them with her whole heart, as if they were her own. I am happy to provide a reference for this wonderful person. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information about Sarah Crepeau by calling me at (845) 706-3333 or emailing indigo4747@gmail.com or info@edenstarkennels.com Dr. Iris Goliger & Family, Edenstar Kennels

Sarah is a truly gifted gal who knows how to bring out the best in a dog. Her grooming and handling are extremely professional, done with great care. Her warmth and assuredness translate down the leash to the dog who in turn wants to please her. Loch is very lucky to have Sarah to show him.
Jane de Casteja, Owner, Blackburn Sir Launcelot, Gordon Setter

I tell Sarah all the time that I am a charter member of the "Sarah Crepeau Fan Club." I have had my Labrador Retrievers with Sarah since she first aged out of Juniors and decided to go out on her own. She is a professional in every way; in the way she handles herself and in the way she handles the dogs in her care. The Labrador ring is one of the toughest on the show circuit, yet she has already shown my young dogs to "Best Puppy" wins as well as Winners and Reserve winners placings. I would and do recommend her services to anyone who asks.
Gayle Abrams, Owner, Candy Acres Labradors

Sarah Crepeau handles with grace, professionalism and poise far beyond her years. She goes out of her way to bond with her dogs and it shows in Blu's complete trust, enthusiasm and performance when he's in the ring with Sarah.
Brian Eddolls, Owner, Holly Hollow's Blu Barks at Balloons, Gordon Setter



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